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Hey guys, so I’m in this club at school called Amnesty International. What is Amnesty International? Amnesty International is an internationally-recognized organization which strives to obtain human rights for all. Some of the issues we deal with are abolition of the death penalty, sex trafficking, child slavery, gay rights, etc. So many people have heard about these problems, but few people actually understand and act upon these issues. The purpose of our club is basically to learn about what is going on all over the world around us and to think of ways that we can make a difference.

Currently, our club is doing an event for the Catalyst Foundation called Take A Stand. The Catalyst Foundation helps build communities in Vietnam to fight human trafficking. They believe that “Being the Catalyst for HOPE” should impact the entire community: the families, children, and individuals. The founder of Catalyst Foundation, Caroline Nguyen Ticarro-Parker,  has displayed that one person’s passion to make a difference, can become an opportunity for the average person to impact global change. Take A Stand is part of a three-part series for CNN’s Freedom Project: “Children of the Dump” that showcases this community, their struggles, and what Catalyst Foundation is doing to make a difference. Firmly believing that no child is disposable, they work tirelessly to support the community, raise awareness, and fight against human trafficking. They concentrate on impacting the necessary changes and instill hope “one girl at a time.”

Now, we challenge YOU and all of your friends to make an effort! Take a stand! See the impact you can make in another’s life! With each individual’s effort, we raise awareness about this modern day injustice and slavery. This project displays the collective efforts of individuals, neighbors, and average people coming together to take a stand. And for each picture you post, the Catalyst Foundation receives $1 for Project Backpack.

What do you need to do?

All you need to do is click on “Take a Stand” in the title to go to the Catalyst Foundation website, and from there you just upload a picture of yourself holding a handwritten sign saying “I Am A Catalyst To End Human Trafficking”. It’s just as simple as that. And with each photo submitted, you are providing hope to end human trafficking and hopefully raising awareness about this global problem.

So we the people of PHHS Amnesty International, Amnesty International, and the Catalyst Foundation are hoping that YOU can help make a difference in this world.

*If you are a PHHS student, we would gladly appreciate it if you uploaded the picture directly to the site with the caption “Piedmont Hills HS Amnesty International” OR submit the photo to our Tumblr page here.

**For more ways to get active with Amnesty International, visit their website here and to learn more about Catalyst Foundation, visit their homepage here.

***Take A Stand and help end human trafficking!